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Top Design Trends 2020

As 2020 kicks off, it’s clear that bright colors are in full force! Expect to see lots of neon keeping with last year’s trend into this spring and through the summer. This year there will be a resurgence of neon green and yellow. We’re taking inspiration from pop music icon Billie Ilish, who’s made this her signature look. From her hair to her blazer she boldly wears all neon. However, this trend will evolve. We’ve started to see more neutral colors appear with integrations of bright neons, look at nearly any social media influencer or athletic wear brand and you’ll see this in action.

Source: Vogue

While we’re on the subject of color and neutrals, it is important to note that what is considered a neutral has greatly expanded over the past few years. The trend of designing for all means that there are endless variations of neutral. Rihana’s makeup brand Fenty (featured in the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s exhibit Design For Different Futures) is a fantastic example of the expansion of our definition of neutrals.

Additionally the 70’s will be a source of inspiration both in how designs are composed as well as color combinations. Expect to see patterns that are 70’s inspired with multiple bright bold colors. You can see this taking route first in the fashion industry, as seen in Gucci’s Psychedelic Collection.

Source: Gucci Medium GG Psychedelic carry-on duffle

From a composition standpoint the pop art vibes of the 70’s are very much having a comeback. Expect to see digital designs that look collaged and use the pop art style of bold lines and black graphic overlays on bright colors that simulate the screen printing process. Think Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

Source: Margaret Flatley/Bustle

The next trend is here to stay. Creativity for everyone: creativity and the tools to make content stand out have never been more accessible. What used to take an extensive light set up, a high end camera, computer with lots of ram, Photo editing software, and a layout software, and lots of $$$ has now all been replaced by one device that fits in your pocket. The social media apps now have built-in filters and composition tools to make your content stand out. There is also a plethora of editing apps that allow you to create a signature style in minutes. Everyone and anyone can now be a designer.

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