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Make Waves, Be the Flow 🌊

Think Big Thursday:

Make Waves, Be the Flow 🌊

Waves hold tremendous power, they can be large and drastically change the landscape making a huge impact on their surroundings. They can also be small, and subtle, making incremental changes that add up over time. They are by nature repetitive, and so they create lasting impacts, not just for our lifetimes, or shores, but across the globe, through the deps of the oceans. A current’s direction shift can change a whole ecosystem or reef. The power of going with the flow is truly inspiring.

When you go with the flow, and let your journey unfold instead of only pursuing one direction you’ll be surprised at how your efforts are amplified, how the repetition of practice makes a community thrive and drives huge impacts.

I urge you to take a day, and go with the flow, if you could do anything that lights your soul up, what would it be?

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