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The Thinker

Think Big Thursday

Are you a curious thinker? Or do you prefer solid facts backed by “the way it’s been?”

I’ve always been a thinker, a dreamer, I need time to reflect, and to “think big.” Sometimes I could use a moment to bring me back to the ground.

Curiosity is a habit and like all habits, if not fostered, given time to grow and encouraged, it stifles, it doesn’t break boundaries and doesn’t allow us to grow.

Gone are the days of “this is how it’s been” and “do it because I say so.” Because when you think that way you stifle creativity and all the possibilities that thinking big and working collaboratively creates.

This openness, is called a growth mindset and you can learn more about it in Mindset Psychology by Carol Dweck

Photo Credit: Corey Kilbane: The Thinker Sculpture, The Rodin Museum, Philadelphia, PA 19130

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